Longman Exam Series: HKDSE Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions (2017 2nd Edition)
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HKDSE Mathematics – Multiple Choice Questions Second Edition in the Longman Exam Series is written for students who are preparing for the HKDSE Mathematics Examination (Compulsory Part). This book will ef¬fectively enhance student’s ability in tackling multiple choice questions in the HKDSE Mathematics Paper 2. Special Features • HKDSE Mathematics Paper 2 Trend analysis is included. • Useful Techniques in Tackling MCQs summarize the shortcut methods for solving multiple choice questions e¬ectively. For each technique, concrete Examples are given to illustrate the idea. • Strategy gives a clear guideline for students to solve di¬erent types of multiple choice questions. • Revision Notes summarize the important theorems and formulas. They also include Exam Tips and Common Mistakes in doing multiple choice questions. • Quick Drill (MCQs) check students’ basic concepts and skills. • The Non-foundation Part of the syllabus is clearly indicated. • Exercises and Quizzes are well graded and grouped by main concepts in each chapter. • Two Mock Tests (Paper 2) at the end of the book provide students mock exam practice for self-assessment. • Solution Guide, which provides full solutions to all the exercises and mock tests, can be accessed through QR code provided at the end of the book.


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