NSS Exploring Economics Exam Practice (Microeconomics) (2017 2nd Edition (Revised)) (with A/K)
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New Senior Secondary Exploring Economics Exam Practice (Second Edition) is a revised edition written according to the Economics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6) implemented in 2009 and the Supplementary Document announced in 2013. The series consists of two books, which cover microeconomics and macroeconomics, respectively.

The series contains exercises which are similar to the question types in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination and helps equip students with the essential skills to tackle the public examination.


• Tackling Typical Questions: this part demonstrates the most typical questions in each chapter and provides answering techniques and suggested answers. Candidates can learn how to effectively tackle questions in the public examination.

• Correcting Common Errors: this part summarises common errors made by candidates and offers corrections and detailed explanations for each error.

• Multiple Choice Questions, Short Questions and Structured Questions: questions with two levels of difficulty are provided. Asterisks * are added to indicate more difficult questions.

• Data-response Questions are added to help candidates prepare for this new question type.

• Revision Notes are downloadable to mobile devices for revision anytime and anywhere.

• Each book contains two sets of Revision Exercise for revision before examination.

• A separate answer book with detailed explanations is provided for reference.

• The series is loose-leaf bound which makes it easy and convenient to carry.


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