Longman Exam Series: HKDSE Mathematics Mock Exam Paper (Compulsory)(2017 Fourth Edition)
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HKDSE Mathematics – Mock Exam Papers (Compulsory) Fourth Edition in the Longman Exam Series is written for students who are preparing for the HKDSE Mathematics Examination (Compulsory Part). Special Features • Exam Tips for Candidates on HKDSE Mathematics is included. • 6 sets of mock papers (i.e. 6 Paper 1 and 6 Paper 2), with 2 sets specially designed for revision at an earlier time. Set 1 & Set 2 Coverage: some topics that are usually taught in S6 are excluded. • Arithmetic Sequence and its summation • Geometric Sequence and its summation • Transformations of Functions Usage: A revision on a reduced coverage of topics in the curriculum helps S5 or S6 students get prepared for the HKDSE Examination earlier. Set 3, Set 4, Set 5 & Set 6 Coverage: papers are set to cover all the topics in the curriculum. Usage: A comprehensive revision on the curriculum helps S6 students get prepared for the HKDSE Examination. •Solution Guide with Marking Scheme for Paper 1 and Solution Guide for Paper 2 can be accessed through QR code provided at the end of the book.


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