Longman Elect JS 2B (2012 2nd Edition) (with Longman Elect JS 2B Plus $65 & Writing support materials JS 2B $21)
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Author:Gary Harfitt, John Potter, Sarah Rigby, Kitty Wong

Brief Description:

Longman Elect JS1–3 (Second Edition) is a top-quality English Language course for Junior Secondary students. Specially designed to meet the latest requirements of the Curriculum Development Council's syllabus for Secondary English, this engaging series also prepares students for the challenges of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) English Language curriculum.


The second edition of Longman Elect JS1–3 features the following enhancements to the first edition:

  • up-to-date module themes
  • new and expanded unit themes
  • new content
  • enriched vocabulary building and grammar coverage
  • brand-new skills spines for reading, listening, speaking and writing

It also features:

  • engaging reading and listening texts, covering an extensive range of text types
  • systematic vocabulary building
  • comprehensive and contextualised grammar coverage
  • meaningful integrated tasks with clearly-defined products
  • end-of-unit self-assessments focusing on target vocabulary and grammar
  • language arts and non-language arts extension tasks


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