Longman Express Summer Holiday Exercise Book S1-S2 (2005 Edition) (with Answer Key)
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Author(s): Kitty Wong, Sarah Rigby 

Longman Express is a five-level secondary course that covers the requirements of the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council's latest syllabus for Secondary English.The aim of the Longman Express Summer Holiday Exercise Books is to help students revise and consolidate what they have learnt during the previous school year.

 The books are designed to be used for self-study over the summer holidays. This book is specially designed to bridge the gap between S1 and S2 and benefits from the following key features:

- interesting reading passages followed by a variety of question types testing comprehension and vocabulary

- systematic revision of key vocabulary taught in S1

- systematic revision of all the key grammar items taught in S1

- listening practice, including integrated listening, reading and writing practice 

- skills development, including writing skills, in the Skills Focus sections

- an opportunity to develop reviewing skills in the Reviewing Non-print Fiction section

- Listening CD (including recordings of the reading passages and the material for the Listening sections)

- Answer Book (including exercise tape scripts)


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