Mathematics Summer Camp - Junior Secondary Summer Exercise S3 to S4 (2011 Edition) (with A/K)
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Mathematics Summer Camp - Junior Secondary Summer Exercise' series is written in accordance with the latest CDC Mathematics Curriculum (Secondary 1-3). This series consists of 3 volumes. It aims to help students consolidate their mathematical knowledge during summer vacation, and get prepared for the new academic year.

Main Features:

- Key Points: important mathematical concepts and formulas, with appropriate examples, are given

- Key Terms: bilingual key terms are provided

- Exercise: different types of questions are written, including True / False Questions, Short Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Long Questions.

- Challenging Questions: harder questions to develop students' problem-solving skills

- Interesting Mathematics: interesting questions to arouse students' interests in learning mathematics

- Hints: guidelines for Challenging Questions and Interesting Mathematics are provided in bookend

- Answers: answers for all exercises are provided


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