Mathematics in Action Book 2B (Modular Binding) (2016 Third Edition) [with Supplementary Exercise 2B]
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Author:K H Yeung, C M Yeung, Y F Kwok, H Y Cheung, K C Chan, F C Tong

Consultant(s):Prof Law Huk Yuen
Prof Law is an experienced educator and teacher specialized in mathematics education. He had been the Panel Head of Mathematics in a secondary school for many years. He is now Programme Director, MSc in Mathematics Education Program and Programme Co-cordinator, B.Ed. Programme with Double Major in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Brief Description:

Mathematics in Action (Third Edition) series is written in accordance with the latest CDC Mathematics Curriculum for Secondary 1-3. The bridging with the curriculums for the key stages before and after S1-3, and the trend in HKDSE exams are well taken into consideration in this new edition. Throughout the series, emphasis is placed on the successful mastering of mathematical knowledge in an interesting and convenient way.


  • Quick Review, Let’s Try and Review Exercise help students get prepared to learn new concepts effectively.
  • Warm-Up Activities and Activities guide students to explore and develop mathematical concepts.
  • Classwork lets students handle some simple questions after learning a new concept for consolidation.
  • Quick Practice following each example lets students practise example-related solving skills.
  • Tips for Students, Rough Work and Reminder give useful tips to guide students in tackling problems.
  • Consolidation Corner provides a few questions for more class practice and consolidation.
  • Flash Card helps students master important mathematical concepts and relationships.
  • Maths Dialogue shows dialogues about students’ ideas and queries in solving mathematics problems.
  • Concept Check provides questions for teachers to assess students’ understanding of concept taught.
  • Think Further provides questions for students to consider and explore further.
  • Maths File contains relevant daily-life examples or historical information.
  • To Learn More provides suitable materials for students to extent their learning.
  • Check Yourself provides a short quiz that consists of basic questions to allow students to do self-assessment.
  • Exam Corner provides Exam-type Questions with Exam Tips and Common Mistakes to guide students to solve exam questions and note the importance of clear solution steps.
  • Do and Investigate develops students’ interest in Mathematics through investigative tasks.
  • Explain-your-answer Questions, Open-ended Questions and harder questions (with Diamond) are included in Exercises to develop students’ high order thinking skills.
  • Integrated Exercise consists of integrated questions on the topics covered in each book.


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