Ignite Reading & Writing Skills for the HKDSE Book 4 (Set B) (2015 Edition) (including Reading-Writing Builder)
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Ignite Reading & Writing Skills 4 & 5 is a theme-based series designed to prepare students for Papers 1 and 2 of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) English Language examination and is available in two sets (Set A and Set B).

• HKDSE Skills Foundation booklet to cover the fundamental skills for Reading and Writing

• Theme-based units with ideas and vocabulary from Reading feeding into Writing

• For Reading:

o Key Reading Text Types that commonly appear in the exam, featuring authentic examples

o HKDSE descriptor-based Reading Skills

o HKDSE Strategies to tackle a variety of Question Formats testing the Reading Skills

• For Writing:

o Core Writing Purposes, covering essential language elements

o Major Writing Text Types and their format, language, and style features

o HKDSE Writing Strategies to enhance writing

o Essential Writing Skills in the HKDSE descriptor domains of Content, Language and Organisation

o For Level 5, Writing Sample Analysis exercises for guided, improved writing

• Exercises throughout for focused practice

• Exam Practice to consolidate and assess learning in every unit, with Self- and Peer-evaluations

• Reading B2 Exam Practice to cater for learner diversity

• Full sets of papers 1 and 2 Test Papers

• Complimentary Reading-Writing Builder for building up vocabulary and writing skills

• Appendices for quick grammar reference

* Title for school adoption, no answer key(s) or audio tracks are provided


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