Longman Life and Society 10: Managing Your Own Finances (2012 Edition) (with worksheets)
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Wong Wing Chi, Jackie Wong, Ho Yuk Yin, Lit Ho Cheung, Tam Siu She, Chan Pui Lin, Tong Ka Ming, Wong Lai Yin, Chow Wing, Ngai Pak Kui, Kwok May Kee Maggie, Lui Luen Tim, Yue Wai Chik, Cheng Kei Yuen, Leung Wai Yee, Kwan Ying Wing

Consultant(s):Au Cheung Kong, Woo Tun Oy, Ma Ngok, Leung Yi Man

Brief Description:

Longman Life and Society is written according to the Life and Society Curriculum Guide (Secondary 1-3) prepared by the Curriculum Development Council in 2010. The series consists of 29 books and covers seven areas of foundation knowledge in the curriculum, including 'Personal & Social Development', 'Economy of Hong Kong', 'Economy of our Country', 'Global Economy', 'Socio-political System of Hong Kong', 'Socio-political System of our Country' and 'Global Socio-political System'.


The series has been specially written to bridge New Senior Secondary subjects like Liberal Studies, Economics and BAFS. It can also be used as teaching materials for Junior Secondary Moral and National Education and Junior Secondary Life Education.

Additional worksheets with various types of exercises are prepared for consolidating what students have learnt.


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