NSS Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Frank Wood's Accounting Module Exam Practice 2 (2015 2nd Edition) (with A/K)
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NSS BAFS Frank Wood’s Accounting Module Exam Practice 2nd Edition consists of two books, which cover the elective part (accounting  module) of the BAFS curriculum. This series is specially designed for students taking the HKDSE Exam in 2016 and onwards, and is written and arranged according to the Revised BAFS Curriculum 2013 and Supplementary Notes 13/14 for Trimmed BAFS Curriculum.

• Three types of Paper 2A questions: short questions, application problems and case/theory questions are provided.

• Three  sets of ‘Mock Exam Paper’ for revision before examination. 

• Separate answer books with detailed explanations are provided for reference.

• The series is loose-leaf bound which makes it easy and convenient to carry.


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